FC U32W/ST Televis

FC U32W/ST Televis FC1WS0000500

Standard thermostat Fan Coil.

The FC U32W/ST Televis is a standard thermostat that allows to control Fan Coil units of 2 tubes, 2 tubes with resistances or 4 tubes, it is used for applications in domestic, residential and small commercial areas, it is simple and intuitive to offer the maximum comfort and precision with attention to energy saving.

Brand            : Eliwell

Family          : FP BASICOM

Reference   : FC1WS0000500


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FC U32W/SM Modbus
FC U32W/SM Modbus
  • Functions: Hot start and Too Cool, Post ventilation and periodic ventilation.


  • Economy input or Window contact.


  • Vertical installation facilitates installation on the machine.


  • Electronic thermostat with analogue aesthetics, simple and modern design.


  • Valve control with on/off actuators, electric resistors and 3 fan speeds.


  • Leds indicating operation and alarm probes.


  • Range limitation by means of microswitches.


  • Remote air probe (as accessory).


  • For connection to Televis requires Bus Adapter 150.

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El instrumento dispone de protocolo de comunicación Modbus.

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