IWK Standard

 IWK Standard wk1400100h000

Remote Terminal of V800

  • Designed for the management of all applications in compact equipment and channeled refrigerated banks.
  • 4 configurable relays such as compressor, defrost, fans, alarm, light, auxiliary, on / off, etc. 3 probes: Thermostatic, end of defrost and product probe.
  • Direct connection to the Televis system, does not need BusAdapter.
  • PTC probe (NTC) selectable by parameter.
  • Electric defrost by temperature or time.
  • Defrost interval selectable by parameter. Compressor protection times as well as stop / run in case of failure. 2 configurable digital inputs such as: reduced set, on / off, door switch, etc).

Brand        : Eliwell

Family       : IWK

Reference :wk1400100h000


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Front protection

plastic body in resin PC + ABS UL94 V-0, polycarbonate display,
Thermoplastic resin keys.

front 74×32 mm, depth 30 mm.

on panel, with mounting template 71×29 mm (+ 0.2 / 0.1 mm).

Temperature of use
-5.55 ° C.

Storage temperature
-30 … 85 ° C.

Ambient humidity of use
10.90% RH (not condensing).

Moisture storage environment
10.90% RH (not condensing).

Display range
-50.101 (NTC); -50..140 (PTC) ° C without decimal point (selected from parameter), on the display 3 and a half digits + sign.

Measuring field
-55 to 140 ° C.

better than 0.5% of the end of scale +1 digit.

1 or 0.1 ° C.

Power supply
from the IWP985 power module

Additional information

Dimensions 32 × 74 cm
IWK Standard

Reference: WK1400100H000

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